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As your eCommerce business starts to take off, one of the surest signs of success is a sudden influx of orders. You’re understandably excited — but then problems arise. You find yourself crushed under the flood of new leads, your staff is struggling to keep up with demand, and you realize you still don’t have the data you need to maximize your profitability.

All these problems can be solved by solutions that eCommerce giants have known for years: marketing automation. Here are three easy ways to use it with your site.

  1. Offer Subscription Services

    If you sell a product that needs to be replaced on a regular basis, a subscription model can help you boost customer retention. Subscriptions are nothing new, but with modern marketing automation, they can literally make you money as you and your sales team sleep. Simply collect your customers’ address and payment information, then configure your platform to charge them and generate orders on a recurring basis. The order information is then sent to your fulfillment team. With automated subscriptions, it’s quite simple to generate more sales and keep your customers engaged. (Tip: Check out this blog for advice on leveraging loyalty programs as well.)

  1. Capture Leads at the Point of Sale

    Today’s marketing automation platforms make it a snap to build comprehensive customer profiles, complete with email addresses, social media accounts, and buying behavior. Don’t wait for customers to voluntarily join your mailing list. Entice them to sign up as soon as they land on your site. One good strategy is to create a pop-up banner to offer a discount code if they provide their email address. Once they make a purchase, draw upon their customer profiles to send highly targeted marketing messages. Marketing automation offers an easy way to maximize customer engagement. (Get more tips on growing your mailing list.)

  1. Segment Your Audience

    Most email marketing providers allow you to segment your subscribers. Perhaps people indicated a certain preference when they joined your list, or you have generated different lists from different sources. Marketing automation takes the guesswork out of the process and allows you to segment your audience based on users’ behavior on your eCommerce site. This means that you can drill down into your customers’ particular interests. Marketing automation leverages the massive data that your eCommerce site generates so that you can maximize your cross-selling techniques.

  1. Conclusion

    Marketing automation does the hard work of measuring, sorting, and targeting your audience, based on your eCommerce site’s performance. It’s an excellent way to save your sales team time and boost customers’ loyalty to your brand. Plus, you’ll get tons of data that is invaluable to new product development, pricing adjustments, and advertising campaigns. By integrating a marketing automation platform with your site, you’ll set your eCommerce business up for continual growth and
    sustainable success.

    Need help developing an eCommerce site that works with automation and drives more sales? The Marketing and eCommerce experts at Dotlogics are here to help.

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