Tips to drive repeat visitors

It’s hard work getting people to visit your website for the first time. A sound marketing strategy, effective SEO practices, and quality content are but a few of the things you’ll likely need to get the job done. Once they’re there, however, how likely do you think the average visitor is to actively engage with your company? The answer, sadly, isn’t especially astounding. Some measures indicate that only about 3% of ecommerce visitors actually convert into purchasers. What then is a company to do with the other 97% of visitors it worked so hard to acquire? A successful one would likely re-engage with those people and try to make conversions of them yet. Here are a few tips to help you bring those one-time visitors back:

  1. Run Retargeting Ads

    Have you ever looked at an item on an ecommerce website and then started to see that same item pop up in ads all over the place? That wasn’t a coincidence, it was a retargeted ad—a sort of advertisement that can essentially follow users around from site to site and reminds them about the product or page they were interested in.

    Most people aren’t going to make a purchase the first time they look at an item, but retargeting ads allow companies to stay fresh in the minds of potential customers with a gentle reminder about the content they’ve already shown interest in once before.

  1. Keep Your Site and Social Media Accounts Active

    If you want people to return to your website, give them a reason to come back. Sites that look active with regular updates and new content can stand out to people, thus giving first-time visitors a reason to check back, turning them into repeat visitors or even loyal customers, and increasing your opportunities for conversion every step along the way.

    Similarly, a healthy social media presence can keep your company active in the eyes of your followers and subscribers. Seeing new content from you on the social platforms they’re using anyway reminds people about you and gives them a chance to re-engage with your brand. In fact, some of them might have even discovered you through your social media pages rather than your website, making social marketing all the more valuable.

    Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle for potential conversions. Remember to double down and attract those prior visitors back to your site for repeat traffic!

    It’s tough to stand out in the digital age, but Dotlogics can help you acquire new traffic and repeat visitors alike. Contact us today to learn more.

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