The right design doesn’t just look nice, it elevates your whole brand. Get a custom-crafted website that is not only functional, but speaks to your customers or audience in a way that moves them to action.

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The online sales industry has exploded in the last decade, and as fast as you can catch up something has changed. Have no fear, Dotlogics is here to help with all of your website development needs. We are not only award winning experts in our field, but we care so deeply for our clients. As a business owner, deciding how and who to use for website development can feel like an overwhelming task, so let our team of experts help.

Dotlogics has been recognized as a leader in the web design industry, and that didn't happen overnight. Our experience exceeds ten years, and it shows in both the quality of our work and the professionalism of our agency. The dedicated and innovative team at Dotlogics never stops learning and growing as individuals and as a whole. Staying ahead of the curve helps us to keep up with constantly evolving technologies and search engine optimization tactics.

We are recognized for providing cutting-edge web design services to the outstanding businesses and organizations in the city of Troy. We know that a conversion-based website will help drive sales to your business and at the end of the day, that’s what counts.

Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out how to increase sales? Does the idea of managing your website overwhelm you? Contact Dotlogics and learn how a professional website can help grow your brand today.

Why us

why us



We work hand-in-hand with you to understand who you are, what your brand represents, what the landscape of your industry looks like, and who your audience is. Then, we’re ready to put your story into action.



Using what we learned in Step 01, we craft a clear vision for your website. What does it need to help you succeed? What does your audience want to see? We’ll develop more than a website: We’ll create an experience for your customers.



With the strategy clearly defined, we draw up the blueprints of your website. This includes designing our navigation structure and how the different parts of your website will connect, and any special functionality that the strategy calls for.



Now, it's time to design a site that will stand out from the crowd. With your business goals in mind, we create a look and feel that will drive results and affirm your brand identity.



Using modern techniques and careful coding, we bring this design to life in a robust, SEO-friendly website that's designed to convert visitors into customers. Our expert developers will build a site that is easy to maintain and will provide all the functionality that your business needs.

Think it’s time for a redesign?

A fresh look and new features could be just what your site needs. Sign up for a free audit and we’ll help you get started.

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