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We Know The Doors A Hacker Will Use

new york website company
new york website company

The growing comfort of people in sharing their information on the web and other network applications puts a responsibility on application providers to make the applications safe from inbuilt vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. The smart way to secure a product is to make the product security a key factor in both design and application phases.

Dotlogics SQA team’s security testing services ensure a secure data transfer from and to servers by verifying applications as per different security standards. Depending upon the nature of the application; a particular vulnerability could be more prevalent, deadly, or easy to exploit. We keep the entire spectrum of risks in focus with a comprehensive risk analysis for a particular application. Integrating various contemporary techniques like direct object reference, injection, session management, URL access management, and transport layer testing, we ensure the application security against a host of attacks.

Key Benefits

  • Concise and detailed test reports
  • Maintainable and scalable framework
  • Compliance to well acclaimed standards