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new york website company
new york website company

Functional testing involves all functional processes within an application. It is the predominant testing method, widely implemented to determine true quality for all service applications.

Functional testing begins with objective requirements analysis. Before testing plans can be created, all functionalities must first be analysed and understood, and all conditions under which an application may be utilized are then recreated to ensure that realistic conditions are met throughout this phase.

All results of testing are fully documented and when discrepancies are uncovered, a re-development project is implemented and continuously reiterated until functionality meets the development objective.

Embedded Application Testing

Embedded systems-based products often require high-spec safety measures in order to meet government regulations and to operate safely in the wild. These applications are often quite complex in design and implementation, and are generally put through rigorous testing procedures, in multiple stages. Dotlogics’s SQA team has extensive experience testing safety-critical applications ranging from SIL 1 to SIL 3 systems. For details, kindly visit the agency approval page.

Web Application Testing

..For web applications the end user’s facility is one of the key considerations. To ensure the web application’s quality from the users’ perspective, we offer following testing services: functionality of web application, usability, and user interface testing.

Functional testing of web applications depends on the applications’ structure. Generally, we perform the tests into two steps: verification of front-end functionality and the verification of back-end functionality. Front-end tests typically include testing the user interface and functionality of different controls. Back-end tests revolve around the verification of web services, databases, XML entries, etc.

Testing Mobile Applications

The functionality of an application installed on a mobile or tablet is different from PC applications’ functionality.. Usually, mobile apps have fewer features and are more performance oriented, therefore we test the features of mobile applications against the desired behavior. A major part of mobile applications’ functional testing revolves around testing the applications’ performance on the phones or tablets.

Key Benefits

  • Compatibility of different units of application
  • Evaluation of complete system’s performance under practical environment
  • Assurance of the fitness of application for purpose