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Flawless User Experiences Across All Operating Systems and Browsers

new york website company
new york website company

Professional software developers strive to achieve product compatibility across all operating systems, networks, browsers and device types. Unfortunately, this is no easy feat, since the great variety of interface combinations creates virtually thousands of unique opportunities for failure.

To ensure the highest level of compatibility, our SQA team performs high-level compatibility testing in actual real-time environments, under the same authentic conditions experienced by end-users. This rigid testing standard provides a much higher degree of reliability than so-called “simulated-condition” testing, which offers a far less accurate assessment of real-life conditions.

Our key areas of focus are Browser and Operating System (OS) compatibility testing.

Browser Compatibility Testing

Today, the most common challenge for software developers is web, mobile and online application compatibility with modern browsers. There are more than a dozen major web browsers, and every platform incurs multiple version and security updates throughout its long life. These updates, in combination with the variety of hardware and operating systems they reside on, are a software developer’s nightmare. Our SQA services let you focus on development, while we perform critical compability testing to give you peace of mind prior to implementation. We offer browser compatibility testing for the following popular browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Operating System Compatibility Testing

Operating Systems undergo maintenance and security updates nearly as often as browsers, and SQA testing across major Operating Systems is therefore critical to the success of any software-related product. Our main focus in this arena is for the followig Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • IOS

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Reliable, more responsive applications
  • Access to wider target demographic