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Migrating an established site to a brand new platform while incorporating new features.


We recreated Gardenia’s assets and amazing features on Laravel.


Gardenia is planted firmly in their new platform and ready to grow to new heights.

Gardenia came to us with a strong website and a real problem. While their existing website was doing a fine job of helping users discover plants that can thrive in their local environments, get planting inspiration, plan out their gardens, and connect with local merchants, it was built on an aging, soon-to- be discontinued platform. We worked with Gardenia to rebuild the site on Laravel with a few new features so they could continue to grow and thrive.

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Responsive Design

Just like a beautiful garden take careful planning, manicuring, and time to grow, a polished website takes careful attention to detail and room to grow with the times. As we rebuilt Gardenia from the ground up we didn’t simply migrate all the site’s data from one platform to another, but build a fully responsive experience to help gardeners whether they’re reading planting guides on their desktop or checking water and maintenance needs with their phone in one hand and trowel in the other.



Gardenia was in quite the pickle when they discovered the platform their site was built on would be discontinued and no longer receive any updates or support, but with our help they were able to move to Laravel and Bootstrap framework, ensuring the site would not have to go untended.

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New Features

While the primary goal of our migration was to recreate the great features Gardenia already had on a new, more enduring platform, the project brought with it an opportunity to increase revenue streams and functionality for the site. With new ad placements and Designer accounts, Gardenia is better able to monetize their site’s valuable resources.

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Content Management

A Flexible CMS

With a massive collection of plants, guides, articles, tips, and more, Gardenia needed to be able to continuously manage, update, and add new content pieces. Our CMS allows for all of that, and for related contented pieces to easily be references and linked to, helping to keep users engaged on the site.

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A site in need of a new home, we dug up Gardenia’s core features and all its content, then transplanted the site into Laravel where it could continue to spread and grow.

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