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Grow an existing eCommere site’s online base and sales.


Build a library of onsite content, establish a social media campaign, launch SEO services, and engage in email marketing.


Increased sales and significant increase in organic traffic.

European Outdoors is an established store with a wide selection of watersport equipment for sale, including gear for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and other popular aquatic activities. We helped them to build their online presence through a combination of social media outreach, email marketing, SEO improvements, and content creation – a coordinated effort to boost organic traffic and drive sales.

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Areas of Expertise

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Content & Promotion

A carefully curated combination of off-site SEO efforts, product list page improvements, frequent blog posts, and monthly guides helped to grow organic traffic coming into the European Outdoors website.It was a multi-pronged effort that worked to bring in new potential clients.


Email Campaigns

It’s one thing to make that first sale; it’s another to keep customers coming back for more. Our series of seasonal, promotional, and other emails put a spotlight on hot products and provided incentives for past users to come back to the website and fill their shopping carts once again.

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Social Media

Staying Engaged with your users and customers is important. Email Marketing is a big part of this, but another great way is to pop up in their social media feeds. We utilized European Outdoors’ collection of photographic content to create a campaign designed around sharing a mix of fun posts, informative content, and product spotlights to boost sales without making followers feel they were getting “spammed” by ads.

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By approaching marketing and outreach efforts from every angle, we aided European Outdoors in their need to boost site traffic, giving them the opportunity to grow their already successful brick and mortar business online.

Areas of Expertise

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