Our Process

Our process is simple - we help you to create the perfect site to suit all of your needs. The best part? We’re with you every step of the way!



  1. Buy a Domain Name
  2. Buy a Web Service
  3. Try to use a “Web Building” Tool like Wordpress or Squarespace
  4. Get Frustrated
  5. Pay a Web Design Agency to Rebuild the Site to Fit You
  6. See the Price and Faint

The Dotlogics Way

  1. Contact Dotlogics
  2. Meet with Your Account Manager
  3. Explain what you need
  4. The team puts it together for you
  5. Only pay a monthly fee
  6. Don’t worry about your website again
Our optimization process

Our Optimization Process focuses on understanding your needs so that together we can create a website that appeals to your target audience and you never have to worry about a thing!

Step 1.

You and your Account Manager discuss your ideas and business needs.

Step 2.

Working together, you pick the best plate template for your site.

Step 3.

Our team works to upload your content and assure the site performs perfectly.

Step 4.

We invite you to launch!

Working together to create a fantastic website will assure that you can focus on business growth without having to worry about site performance.

Want to Reach New Customers?

We’ll have your website up and running in days, not months

We’ll have your website up and running in days, not months.

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